Rental investment : Development of a 2-room apartment

Rental investment

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Rental investment : Development of a 2-room apartment


The project was to reconfigure a 40m2 apartment for rental. The goal was to reorganize the spaces whilst emphasizing the brightness of the apartment, on a limited budget.

It was assumed that an apartment had a better chance of being rented quickly if its materials were of good quality, its spaces were well designed, and if it was beautiful and attractive. When a property moves away from the usual codes for rental (low quality flooring, bare white walls, etc..), it attracts tenants eager to look care for it.

In the day-space the kitchen (originally very small and not very functional) is now open plan. The boiler has been moved. The meal preparation area has been completely redesigned. A countertop has been custom designed to limit its visual impact and the dining area has been optimized.

All of the sanitary ware in the bathrooms has been changed to a very compact design. It give more space for showering, dressing and storage. In addition, a washing machine and dryer area can now be installed.

The door of the room has been replaced with a sliding door allowing the installation of a simple dressing room that adds to the rentability of the apartment. Finally, the colors and materials were chosen in neutral , warm tones to entice tenants to move into the space and to take ownership of it.