The 5070 Company

5070, known as Tesson Design until 2013, is a global design agency established by Nicolas Tesson in Sers in the Charente, France.

Our skills, developed through a rich and diverse background in the industry, are organized around three of the main axes of the applied arts: Product design, Interior design, and Graphic design.

We can further complement this broad and innovative range of communication services with the creation of video clips or 3D animations.

Products Design

Using both aesthetic and technical design processes, these can then be followed by the manufacture of industrial objects and packaging as well as furniture. Our experience in the industry and our network of carefully selected professionals allows us to facilitate the production of highly technical projects.

Architecture intérieure

For both individuals and professionals, we undertake complete programmes of interior architecture design including the development of shops, restructuring of apartments, etc..

For individuals, we offer the option of a half day at their premises in order to help with the choice of placement, colour, or decoration. These consultation sessions are highly effective within the framework of a specific problem and frequently preclude unnecessary and wasteful work.

Graphic Design

Packaging and brand creation. We create all of the media necessary for the sale of your product. We have extensive experience particularly in the field of spirits.

Institutional communication. We can design your complete visual offering (logo and corporate identity which are then applied to business cards, brochures, catalogs, etc.).

Agence design architecture intérieure Charente
Marielle Tesson architecte d’intérieur
Nicolas Tesson designer

Who we are

Nicolas Tesson is a graduate of the Ecole Boulle in Furniture Design & Interior Architecture and of Ensam de Paris in the Design of New Products and Innovation. He became independent in 2006 after having gained extensive experience as a furniture designer, a graphic designer, a sculptor and as an illustrator.

Marielle Tesson is a graduate of the Ecole Boulle in Interior Architecture which carries the approval of the French Council of Interior Architects (CFAI, No. 1082). Her experience initially brought her to a number of agencies majoring in both interior and exterior architecture. Her portfolio has also developed around the restructuring of Parisian apartments, luxury boutiques, small extensions and space-saving redevelopments as part of rental investment properties.

Our approach

We organize our work around a method of global creativity. We elaborate with the client the specifications of the project and we formulate an answer by developing the functional, ergonomic, aesthetic and symbolic aspects under consideration. Our design work is never preclusive as, at all times during the project, the client knows what we are undertaking and why. Our working method is based on the careful observation of the existing context depending on the nature of the project whether it is the environment, industrial or competitive. We aim to understand and interpret any concerns that the client may have and turn them into positive benefits within the project