Design office furniture for Alexandre & Associés

Design office furniture

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 The design of the office furniture for Alexandre & Associés.


On behalf of Alexandre & Associés, we worked closely with the Chaudronnerie Soumagne, and Blomkål in order to design their complete line of office furniture.

Here is the detail of the range:

• We have designed personalised desktops – each with a removable computer stands for when the units are used without computers.

• “Daisy-wheel” offices, allowing 4 people to work simultaneously, were developed.

• We also designed the “Small” meeting table and the “XL” meeting table (350x140cm).

The range of furniture is based on an elegant and innovative design, echoing the architecture of Bruno Béjard. The structures and frames, in solid stainless steel, draw sharp lines and have defined shadows. The work surfaces, clad in natural wood, bring warmth to the design. The selected wood species differentiate between the functions and their users.


Manufacturing : Chaudronnerie Soumagne and Blomkål. Architect : Bruno Béjard