Logo and interior architecture of fablab “Créalab” d’Angoulême

Logo and interior architecture of fablab

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The logo and interior architecture of fablab “the Créalab” d’Angoulême


Creation of the logo and the evolution of the corporate identity of Créalab, “fablab” created in Angoulême in 2012 as well as the interior architecture of the premises.

The Crealab is a space for creation and interaction – a kind of high-tech workshop available to the public and other collaborative operators. The logo is an allusion to the impossible constructions of Escher. But form the initials CL which appears feasible. It illustrates the fact that the apparent complexity of a project is often only a question of point of view.

The space, for its part, is resolutely functional and has an industrial identity. It reflects dynamism and the freedom of action. The arrangement of the zones, in a spiral, gives a hierarchy to the different from the noisiest to the most calm.


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